Commonly Asked Questions

  • Do I need Council approval?

    Only when a retaining wall and fence combination total 2.1metres high, and generally when a retaining wall is greater than 1metre high, but do check with your local council for variations.

  • Do I need an engineer's design for my new retaining wall? If so, can you organize it?

    All building applications require an engineer's design. Yes we can organize your design; we always prefer to work with our own engineering associates.

  • Can you organize the building application for us?

    We can help, by organizing an engineering associate to produce a design and relevant forms required for the application.

  • How much does a retaining wall cost?

    There is no easy answer to this. Every site is different whether it is because of access, varying soil conditions, surcharges, and size of wall. We can only accurately price your job after a site inspection, and preferably an onsite meeting. See our "Quote Request".

  • Can I do my own Council Approval?

    Yes! You will however require;
    1. Two sets of Engineering
    2. A Certificate of title from the Lands Title Office.
    3. Two sets of your Builders site plans highlighting wall heights and positions.
    4. Council applications fee, approval should take around 10 weeks on average.

  • Who is responsible for retaining wall costs?

    As a rule of thumb, the person who alters the natural state of the land is responsible for costs, where one party fills and the adjoining owner excavates, each party is liable to the proportion that the retaining wall supports.
    ( For example ) If one neighbour fills 300mm above the natural ground and the adjoining neighbour excavates 700mm below the natural ground, then the neighbour excavating is liable 70% of the cost, and the neighbour who fill is responsible for 30% of the 1metre high wall.
    For greater clarification

  • Can I build my retaining wall over an easement?

    Not generally, however in some circumstances the easement owner will allow certain types of retaining systems built over their easement.

  • Can I build my retaining wall on my property boundary?

    Yes, but the ( Development Act 1993 ) SA requires fill walls on boundary have in their design, allowance for future excavations below the wall to a maximum of 600mm.

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  • Thanks for all your help, the wall turned out great. We are very pleased.

    Shane & Kelly; Golden Grove


  • We are very happy with the standard of work and Leigh has been easy to deal with.

    Bianca; Golden Grove


  • Thanks to everyone involved, excellent effort!! Karen & I are very happy with all the work done, will be recommending Leigh to everyone we know that is building!!

    Stephen; Golden Grove


  • What great service. Thank you for arranging the quote in very quick time. The wall looks great.

    Trevor; Modbury


  • Please thank Leigh for me I am very happy with the work they did.

    Frank; Athelstone