Do I need an Engineer for my Retaining Wall?

Don’t know if you need an engineer? Thinking about it actually means you probably do need an engineer. What would happen if someone was injured or hurt because a wall collapsed? See why there is more to it than you think.

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Can I build my wall on my property boundary?

Yes, you can. But check the Development Act of 1993. Here are some things to think about. There it states that included in the design is the allowance for future work below the wall to a maximum depth of 600m.

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5 sensational wall looks!

In the residential home, there are a number of reasons for installing a beautiful retaining wall. Firstly adding value to your home and secondly enjoying a beautiful wall in the material of your choice.

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Can I do my own Council Approval?

Retaining walls purpose whether a sleeper retaining wall, gabion retaining wall, sandstone retaining wall is to support soil that is not naturally retained. Because we need to produce a structure to allow us to retain this soil it can have an effect on surrounding areas and the retaining wall cost.

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Before I build my new house

The sloping block is ever coming up in the new home building scene. Making sure all soil is correctly levelled and retained is critical before you engage a building team.

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